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Welcome to the world of strategic growth, impactful business advising, and unparalleled relationship management – where success is not just a goal but a journey navigated by the expertise of Danavan Hylton, the visionary CEO of Lord Danavan Hylton Advisory Firm 

Hi, my name is Danavan Hylton. I provide advice in the areas of marketing and visibility, hiring and retention, and community insight to connect you to the right people, and groups. I am your sounding board and help guide you in your growth. Fun fact, I am a registered Lord of Glencoe in the country of Scotland courtesy of Highland Titles. **Watch my five-minute video explaining my Lordship title motivation >

*Lord Danavan Hylton

Relationship Manager, Business Adviser & CEO at Hylton Elite Marketing Agency

*Lord of Glencoe in Scotland Courtesy of Highland Title

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Providing objective analysis and fresh ideas

Greetings! I bring extensive expertise in business development, community relations, and relationship management, serving as your trusted adviser in urban areas of Tennessee and beyond. 

Drawing inspiration from my Nashville-based firm, Hylton Elite Marketing Agency, I've spent the last seven years delivering reliable marketing, visibility, hiring, retention, and community insight solutions to employers, workforce developers, business leaders, and nonprofit organizations. My experience empowers me to seamlessly handle all aspects of branding and sales, allowing you to focus on your vision. 

Count on me to guide you in making strategic decisions that work to your advantage, leveraging my access, insight, and resources. As a seasoned relationship management and marketing expert, I'm here to provide valuable assistance wherever needed, ensuring your success in navigating the complexities of today's business landscape.

"Lead By Example..."

- Lord Danavan Hylton 

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Lord Danavan Hylton's 

Seven advising suggestions to maximize your business development, and community engagement success

#1 Reach your business goals faster and decrease your stress by investing your earned income into your business.

#2 While creating a plan, begin with your end goal(s) and work backward. Reaching your goal is the goal. 

#3 Not all money is good money to take. The goal is to make easy money. If your brand will be negatively ​affected, the revenue may not be worth it. 

#4 Hire an experienced general manager, project manager, or executive assistant to manage operations. You will have a hard time scaling your business if the majority of your prospects and new clients have developed a rapport with you. Start how you want to finish. 

#5 Stay professional, no matter how unprofessional an external group or individual may be. People remember you for your character and professionalism.

#6 Develop an onboarding process and a plan of action before recruiting staff, interns, and volunteers. This will motivate interns and volunteers to stay with your brand as recruits may not want to lead or make decisions right away.

#7 When it comes to establishing your customer base, start in your immediate zip code, city, county and state, and then expand out. It's essential you own your territory first. 

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 "Love Yourself."

- Lord Danavan Hylton

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“A big reason for the success of the Express brand in the Nashville community is the good work of Danavan Hylton and his wife Malikah. They are looking to grow their business, Hylton Elite. If you want to grow your brand in Nashville, give them a call or message- trust me, they do not disappoint!! Nashville, Tennessee”

Jason Patrick, Owner of Express Employment Professionals Nashville North & Downtown

“Hylton Elite is definitely TOP Notch in Professionalism! Danavan is very talented and has an impeccable work ethic and is overall the best in people skills. His work definitely captures his audience and knows how to keep long-term partners ensuring sustainability.”

Janet King, Director of Community Engagement for Nashville Metropolitan Development & Housing Agency

“My name is Michael Banks part owner of the best Massage Therapy service in Nashville, Leave At Ease Massage! Nonetheless, if no one knows that you exist, you’re unknown to those who need your services. Danavan was such an amazing person to do business with! He didn’t nickel and dime me! He charged me an Amazing price for me to be a few feet away from my dream collaboration. My dream was to meet Floyd Mayweather jr (and still is by the way!). Even though I didn’t get to meet Floyd Mayweather jr; I got to meet a bunch of very important people who know him! The point is that if you use Hylton Elite for all or your marketing needs; Danavan will take your possibilities a step closer to reality! Danavan is very strategic and doesn’t procrastinate. He is always on time and follows through to do exactly what he says he’s gonna do. I have more goals and I know that Hylton Elite will be my go to dream catcher, marketing extraordinaire, blessed and GOD sent, best marketing company in Nashville, 10stars if I could give it, my friends and now my family!

Thank you Danavan for all your help and thank you for letting GOD use you in a mighty way!”

Michael Banks, Managing Partner 

Leave At Ease Massage

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